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Are you looking for a state of the art biometric control system to increase the security level of your hotel, business or private home?
Look no further! We are here to solve your problem!

Welcome to the official webpage of Kinni Locks - your source for smart security solutions.

Kinni Locks is an IoT startup based in Barcelona, one of the Smartest Cities in the World.

At present Kinni Locks is focussed on providing a Smart Fingerprint Door Locking (SFDL) System that takes advantage of biometric fingerprint features of humans and optimized algorithms to provide a secure and highly customizable control system for hotels and property owners that utilize magnetic locks.

The startup emerged in Spain in the beginning of 2018 when the future Engineering Team of Kinni Locks finalized developing the SFDL System that combines fingerprint locking devices and cameras into one efficient control system.

Currently the development of an algorithm for facial recognition of is being finalized by our team. This particular instance is aimed at determining a person's gender and age based on his facial image.

After that milestone will be achieved, the next goal of Kinni Locks will be the development and implementation of an advanced facial recognition algorithm in the SFDL System that will allow using facial recognition as an access method for unlocking.

SFDL System Hardware Features

Durable & Rugged

The structure of the fingerprint locker is certified as IP65 rated waterproof and dustproof against damage from natural causes.


The metallic casing of the locker device is suitable for indoor & outdoor installation and is protected against vandalism attempts.

Easy Connectivity

The SFDL System utilizes the Wiegand input & output protocol along with a Network interface by TCP/IP or RS485.

Efficient Algorithm

Fast and accurate fingerprint scanning algorithm that performs 1 touch a-second readings with minimal error occurrence.

SFDL System Hardware - Locking Devices

Unlike many other companies that offer door locking systems that utilize regular keys, magnetic key cards or smartphone application access, Kinni Locks provide a safe and secure locking system for rooms and facilities using the human fingerprint as an access method.

Each locking device is equipped with a fingerprint scanner and an RFID chip card reader that can be used for emergency situations.

Multiple locking device models are available depending on particular client needs and preferences. Locking device models and prices are discussed with clients individually and corresponding invoices are generated upon agreements made between Kinni Locks and the client.

SFDL System Hardware - Cameras

One of the most attractive and innovative features of the SFDL System is Camera integration with the Locking Device system.

Either one or multiple cameras can be associated with any locking device and used to take photos of door unlocking events and door unlocking attempts.

Similar to locking devices, multiple camera types are available depending on client needs and preferences. Camera models and prices are discussed with clients individually and corresponding invoices are generated upon agreements made between Kinni Locks and the client.

SFDL System - Control Opportunities

The SFDL System offers a wide range of opportunities to control door lock along with registered users and user groups.

  • Locking and unlocking of doors can be done remotely from the control panel
  • Associated cameras take photos of unlocking events and attempts
  • Door access can be specifically scheduled for hours, days or made permanent
  • Registered users can be dynamically assigned access to any lock in the system by various means:
    • Direct queries to security service department
    • Predefined time schedule
    • RFID cards provided in advance
  • Access reports can be generated with a multitude of filters

SFDL System Software Features

Kinni Locks provide a SaaS solution that is build from the bottom up by our own Engineering Team

Sizeable Database

Up to 1,500 fingerprint templates can be stored simultaneously per each single lock. It is also possible to record up to 100,000 transactions and store them without overwriting a single one.

Powerful & Secure

The software provided by Kinni Locks makes use of secure HTTPS & protocols and has a user-friendly GUI. It can be customized for particular client needs on request.

Events & Cameras

All door unlocking events and attempts are registered by the system. Photos of unlocking events and attempts can be taken with camera(s) that are associated with lock(s).

User & Lock Control

Access to any door lock in the system can be granted and restricted for any user or user group. Any door lock can also be opened remotely by the administrator from the control panel.

Software Subscription Plans

Prices for software subscriptions depend on the total number of locks that are ordered as part of the SFDL System

Private Use


  • per Lock/Month
  • 1 - 4 Locks
  • +8€ per Camera
  • mail Support

Small Hotel


  • per Lock/Month
  • 11 - 40 Locks
  • +3€ per Camera
  • Hardware Options
  • 24/7 phone Support

Large Hotel


  • per Lock/Month
  • 41+ Locks
  • +2€ per Camera
  • Hardware Options
  • 24/7 phone Support

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